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Things You Need To Know Before Filing A Multi-Party Claim

A compensation claim which is started by several people who suffered similar injuries due to the recklessness of the same defendant. ‘Class action’ or group claim’ are other terms used for the multi-part claim. The multi-claimant lawsuits possibly take longer to settle than the individual cases because of the complexities of handling a number of claims with the greater volume of gathering and reviewing the information at a time

Possible Causes of Multi-Party Personal Injury Claim

After the sudden disaster that kills or injure many people at a time such as a plane crash, a road traffic accident involving a coach or a bus, when these victims file the lawsuit for their injuries and or death of their loved ones then this is claim is known as multi-party personal injury claim. There are also various other causes for the group claim such as medical treatment or usage of the defective product that injured various people over a specific time period or long-term illness or injury. A claim of industrial disease after mass exposure to a toxic substance or chemical at the workplace, negligent medical care provided by the same healthcare specialist, or some defective drug that affects people are also the reasons of filing a multi-party claim.

Why Multi-Party Compensation Claim?

Sometimes, to ensure that the lawsuits with similar cause heard together, a ‘group litigation order’ is made by the court. Where special directions are followed by the court to decide how to deal with the cases. One important matter discussed is choosing one or more cases as ‘test cases’ and a law firm is nominated to lead the litigation and set deadlines for plaintiffs to join the trial.

It is important to contact Temecula personal injury attorney for the legal advice after realizing the harm caused by the carelessness of someone else. The law firm has highly experienced advocates who help victims in the multi-party claims. The skilled attorneys in medical negligence represented successfully hundreds of clients in personal injury claims. Firm’s experience in the multi-party claims secures significant compensation.

The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claim

For personal injury claims, there are strict limitations to make any kind of personal injury claim. Many claims need to begin within the time limit of three years after the injury occurred. There are few but rare exceptions like if the victim has developed an illness not immediately after the incident such as the occurrence of disease related to asbestos or by the exposure of toxic chemical a long time ago or the victim was a child when suffered the accident. If not sure then without any delay seek the legal advice.

Missed the deadline of Filing a Claim?

If the deadline for filing the multi-party claim which is set by the court is missed, still it may be possible for the claimants to pursue their personal injury compensation suit but will become more difficult than usual so better seek the legal assistance if this happens. The legal team can better advise and support in this matter. They endeavor to quickly bring close the multi-party compensation claims to success as possible by taking into consideration the need to make sure a good result for the involved clients.

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