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Summertime Or Vacation Arizona DUI

Visiting Arizona in the summertime provides many opportunities for fun under the sun. Whether you live in the state and spend sunny days enjoying all Arizona has to offer, or travel in from other parts of the country, you face the same potential for Arizona DUI. You also face the famously strict Arizona DUI sentencing guidelines. This is why you need immediate help from an Arizona DUI lawyer, after your arrest.

The most likely days for DUI arrest in Arizona or elsewhere throughout the country include summertime holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. But any summer day can be your day for drunk driving arrest.

Laws for DUI Differ between Arizona and Other States

Maybe your home state does not provide the strict sentencing of Arizona’s DUI laws. But that is no reason to relax your self-discipline and guard when on vacation in Arizona. Regardless of where you call home, your charges in Arizona and the potential sentencing penalties carry the same weight as those of a lifelong Arizona resident. Your state cannot shelter you from your charges in Arizona.

As an example, if you call Florida home you likely face only about $1000 in fines and community service for a first DUI offense, possibly with some time in jail. In Texas, the sentencing would likely carry $2000 in fines, up to 180 days in jail, lost driving privileges for up to a year and three years of annual fees to maintain a driver’s license.

In Arizona, a misdemeanor DUI carries a minimum 24 hours in jail for a 10 day sentence with nine days suspended. This jail time at sentencing can include a maximum of six months. You also face a minimum of $250 in fines, but court fines and fees can reach as high as $2500. Of course, penalties grow much worse with a higher blood alcohol concentration or aggravating factors. For example, if your BAC is 0.15 percent or higher, or you have a child under the age of 15 in your vehicle, you face much stiffer sentencing.

First-offense Extreme DUI sentencing in Arizona for BAC of 0.15 percent or higher brings possible penalties including:

  • First offense mandatory minimum 30 days jail
  • $2,500.00 fine
  • Alcohol education class attendance
  • One year ignition interlock device attachment to your vehicle (plus associated costs)
  • Arizona driver’s license suspension
  • Alcohol use monitoring

First-offense Super Extreme DUI sentencing in Arizona for BAC of 0.20 percent or higher includes the possibility of the following penalties:

  • First offense mandatory minimum 45 days in jail
  • $2,750.00 fine
  • Alcohol education class attendance
  • 18 months’ ignition interlock device attachment to your vehicle (plus associated costs)
  • Arizona driver’s license suspension
  • Alcohol use monitoring

Do Not Forget About Potential for DUI While on Vacation

You never want to go through a DUI arrest or court process. But suffering these problems when on vacation feels even worse. To avoid negative effects on your driving record, finances, career, family life, reputation and freedoms, do not drive after having any alcohol whatsoever. Even if you do not hold Arizona residency, you still must follow Arizona laws while visiting the state or on vacation.

You Need an Aggressive DUI Lawyer for Arizona DUI

Never try to stand up against Arizona DUI charges without the help of an aggressive, highly experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney. When a law enforcement officer pulls you over for suspicion of DUI, be polite and courteous. Follow his or her instructions and do not provide more information than you must.

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