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What Steps To Take After The Car Wreck

Majority of the time the car accident cases stem from the negligence. A roadway defect, distracted driver, or defective vehicle part are all typical, preventable reasons of car crashes. When the physical harm, financial loss, and emotional damage is caused due to the mistake of someone else, trust a car accident injury attorney. The auto wreck accidents leave the victim in the hospital, without the working vehicle, and out of work. And if the injuries are serious, then possibly lifetime disability, medical bills, and losing a quality life can be faced. Seek Attorney’s Help If the accident is caused by… Read More

8 Things You Should Know When Being Questioned by Law Enforcement

If you have been brought in for questioning by the authorities in Arizona, there are things that you need to know how to protect yourself. Read on for eight things that you should know when you are being questioned by Arizona law enforcement. Of course, it is recommended to request to speak with your lawyer before questioning by law enforcement. Common law enforcement branches can include: Local Police / County Sheriff’s Office FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigations DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration Homeland Security (including Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement) 1. Knowing the Type of Questioning. It is… Read More

5 Most Common Car Accident Back Injuries

One of the most common types of injuries victims suffer from car accidents is to the back. With over 2.5 million serious injuries caused each year by car accidents, it’s no surprise back injuries are so very common. Back injuries caused by car accidents can vary from the severe, such as spinal cord injuries, to the minor, like whiplash. Below is a list of the most common back injuries you could suffer if you are ever in a car accident. Whiplash One of the most frequent injuries produced by both minor and major car accidents is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when… Read More

A Guideline To Defective Hernia Mesh In Medical Malpractice

If you have complications after mesh implantation the lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm can help you. According to the recent reports, men and women face serious injuries and suffer illnesses, and serious damages to body tissues after going through mesh repair surgery. Some victims choose to take action by filing a claim against the manufacturers. The repeated painful surgeries and infections impede their activities. Contact the firm if you wish to talk with the lawyer who is familiar with the defective products of hernia mesh. Are You Suffering From these complications? A wide range of complications and injuries are… Read More

Recovering Compensation In A Texas Trucking Crash

Truck accident laws cover personal injuries sustained by occupants of a passenger vehicle as a result of a collision with a commercial freight truck, also known as an 18-wheeler or big rig. Liability in truck crash cases is generally based on the doctrine of negligence and because the negligent party is a professional truck driver, multiple sources of law will apply. These include traffic laws and civil liability rules, as well as regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  A common passenger car typically weighs up to 4,000 lbs. whereas semi-trucks potentially… Read More

How A Law Enforcement Officer Perceives A DUI Arrest

Being pulled over by a police officer can be a highly intimidating experience even if the driver feels that he or she has nothing to worry about. The driver then proceeds to ask themselves a litany of internal questions: Was I speeding? Is my tail light not working? Was I swerving? Having had something to drink before getting behind the wheel intensifies the internal questioning, can I pass a Breathalyzer? Did I drink too much? What if he asks me to do field sobriety tests? That being the case, most drivers fail to look at a DUI stop or arrest… Read More

The Hazards Of Eating While Driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of automobile accidents throughout the world, while cellphone usage may be a primary cause of distracted driving in this day and age, a more traditional distraction is eating while driving which can be even more dangerous. According to studies carried out by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration or NHTSA, the 3 primary types of distracted driving which may put drivers as well as others such as passengers at risk are visual, manual and cognitive distractions. These distractions serve to impact a driver’s ability to focus while on the road. Any distractions that can… Read More

Relationship Between Alcohol/Substance Abuse & Sustaining Injuries

It is common knowledge that using drugs or drinking alcohol and affects judgment, vision, and coordination rapidly. It is no surprise that people committing substance abuse and consuming alcohol are more likely to get injured in an accident than people who choose the path of abstinence and stay sober. Although any type of accident is generally the result of risky behavior combined with a hazardous environment, inattention or lack of concentration or impairment are other major contributing factors in accidents. Being involved in a serious accident results in certain injury or sometimes even death both to the person responsible for… Read More

Combating Trauma After An Auto Accident Injury

Car accidents can be described as chaotic and highly stressful events that often occur with no warning whatsoever. Increased traffic on the roads usually is a precursor to a spate of car accidents. If you find yourself involved in a car crash you will most likely find yourself to be unprepared for it. People can feel difficult emotions for a period of time following a car crash. Some of the common emotions that people feel after being involved in a car crash are: Shock People usually are in shock immediately following a car accident or even in the days. Shock… Read More

Cesarean Malpractice In Jacksonville

When the baby delivery is not possible through the vaginal method then alternative methods are adopted like Cesarean. Cesarean is commonly known as the C-section in which incision is performed at the abdomen and the uterine of the mother to deliver the unborn baby. It includes a lot of risks that affect the baby as well as the mother and even causes the death of both mother and child. Cesarean Malpractice can accidentally occur or with the advice of the doctor. Unplanned/accidental C-sections Most of the C-sections cases are not preplanned and are decided at the spot. There are a… Read More