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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Personal Injury Cases do you Take?

What is the Up Front Cost for a Personal Injury Case?

Your up front cost is nothing. Most attorneys who deal in personal injuries will be paid on a contingency basis. What that means is the attorney is only going to earn their fee whenever they are able to obtain a settlement for their client. The fee may be 25% of the particular settlement, or more commonly the fee is a one-third or a 33% contingency, but I have seen contingency fees as high as 40% or even 50%, meaning that the attorney receives that particular percentage of any monies recovered for their clients. While this fee can seem like a lot, it also means that the attorney only gets paid if the client receives a payment. In the event that the client receives nothing, you as the client are not on the hook for the attorney’s fees.

What Factors make your Personal Injury Case Successful

There are a number of factors that go into determining a successful personal Injury Case.

Most importantly, the types of injuries involved and the medical expenses from those injuries. Another factor considered if if those injuries are going to be temporary or if there will be permanent disfigurement. In other words, a temporary injury is one that is going to heal, like a broken arm. A permanent disfigurement, however, will last a lifetime such as a permanent handicap or injury to a limb, such as an arm, leg, or foot.

Another factor that will be considered is lost wages due to the injuries. We will consider past lost wages, which are wages that you missed out while you were injured as well as future lost wages which can result from you no longer being able to work due to your injury.

Lastly, we examine whether the injuries resulted in pain and suffering or caused you to experience mental anguish.

Are Evidence and Witnesses Important for a Personal Injury Case?

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