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Relationship Between Alcohol/Substance Abuse & Sustaining Injuries

It is common knowledge that using drugs or drinking alcohol and affects judgment, vision, and coordination rapidly. It is no surprise that people committing substance abuse and consuming alcohol are more likely to get injured in an accident than people who choose the path of abstinence and stay sober. Although any type of accident is generally the result of risky behavior combined with a hazardous environment, inattention or lack of concentration or impairment are other major contributing factors in accidents. Being involved in a serious accident results in certain injury or sometimes even death both to the person responsible for the accident and potentially to anyone else involved as well. Such accidents may be avoided if people are educated on the circumstances contributing to the accident.

Drug and alcohol use is a major contributing factor in the occurrence of a wide variety of accidents. Substance abuse or alcohol use can cause occupational, vehicular or home accidents. When a person is impaired while driving their reaction time, reasoning, coordination, judgment and memory are all impacted this exponentially increases the chances of a vehicular collision or a wreck. Substances such as alcohol, cocaine and MDMA can often cause a person to take unnecessary risks and as such could have severe or potentially fatal consequences depending on the situation. If someone is unfortunate enough to have been injured while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their injury becomes harder to diagnose properly. If your speech is slurred or you have memory loss or you have problem maintaining balance when you stand the doctor could mistakenly diagnose your condition as a serious head injury because the symptoms are similar.

However, it would be unwise on our part to speculate that everyone who abuses alcohol or drugs sustains an injury or gets hurt but repeated injuries can also be a sign of drug or alcohol abuse. Oftentimes it happens that a friend or loved one will notice a relationship between a person’s drinking or doping problems and their recurring injuries. It would be wise to assist such a person in seeking admission in a medical or rehabilitation facility. People that have been hurt or wronged by other people in the past may seek retribution themselves or otherwise when they have been drinking. In fact injuries caused by violent acts are the most common when alcohol or drugs are involved. When a person is inebriated, they are unnaturally emboldened and do not stop to think of the consequences of their actions. Oftentimes people become aggressive when they drink thereby putting themselves into harm’s way by instigating or becoming part of a barroom brawl or a street fight etc.

The most apparent risk that substance and alcohol abuse poses is in the guise of road traffic accidents and the severity of the injuries to all parties involved, sometimes bystanders as well. Different statistics and studies conducted by organizations in many countries have proven this to be a universal fact that a person who has taken drugs or consumed alcohol faces a significantly higher risk of being in a crash than drivers who are sober. Up to 40% of all road traffic fatalities are directly linked to alcohol in the US. The majority of people that are in the habit of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol do not believe that their motor skills and reaction time are affected until they come face to face with a challenging or dangerous situation. That is when they realize the importance of being able to think quickly and respond appropriately but sadly it is often too late by then.

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the drunken or drug induced negligence of someone else, it is advisable to seek the services on a qualified and competent Colorado Springs personal injury attorney to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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