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Cesarean Malpractice In Jacksonville

When the baby delivery is not possible through the vaginal method then alternative methods are adopted like Cesarean. Cesarean is commonly known as the C-section in which incision is performed at the abdomen and the uterine of the mother to deliver the unborn baby. It includes a lot of risks that affect the baby as well as the mother and even causes the death of both mother and child. Cesarean Malpractice can accidentally occur or with the advice of the doctor.

Unplanned/accidental C-sections

Most of the C-sections cases are not preplanned and are decided at the spot. There are a lot of reason for the pre-delivery of the baby and accidental C-sections, some of which are following:

  1. The delivery exceeds from the given date, or the time exceeded from the 9 months.
  2. Life of the mother or the baby is in danger due to severe labor pain.
  3. The size of the baby is too large to deliver normally.
  4. Baby’s neck is enclosed in the Umbilical cord that can cause the death of a baby and also affect the internal organs of the mother.
  5. Most common disease i.e. High blood pressure can also be a reason for the C-section.

Planned C-section

As we know that C-section can be performed without risk, but one should make proper C-section in order to get successful results. According to the surveys and interviews, we have gathered a lot of reasons for the planned C-section, some of which are following:

  1. Mother is expecting twins.
  2. Lack of oxygen for the baby
  3. Mother is weak prior, and can’t bear the delivery pain.
  4. Mother had done C-section in previous medical history.
  5. The baby’ head is in a downward direction near the delivery period.

Negligence in C-sections and Medical Malpractice

Owing to some reasons, when the normal delivery can’t be done then C- section is preferred to ensure the health of the mother as well as the child. Medical malpractice is the improper treatment done by doctor, nurse, physician or gynecologist. But the improper C-section and the Negligence can harm the mother and the baby and even cause the death of both.

While performing the C-section, the doctor should be very careful, because it causes other organs to bleed and future health issues for the baby and the mother. Nerve damage, Bladder and Bowel Injuries, organ bleeding, blood clotting, Erb’s Palsy, heart failure, Oxygen deprivation, lungs problems could be caused due to it.

Benefits for Hiring Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville

Some people are unaware and unknown that how much they can get through the personal injury claim. So, one should hire the Personal Injury Attorney for it and there are a lot of reasons behind it, like:

  1. Your Attorney would know that how much you can claim for the injury or improper treatment.
  2. You can get money from the Govt. for the medical treatment.
  3. The Attorney you hire would know the rules and legal processes after filing the case.
  4. He will motivate you and enhances your success chances.
  5. Commonly, the most of the cases are not going through the further process and settled down prior, so your attorney will help your case to way.

How is Percy Martinez Law Firm helping the injured people?

Percy Martinez Law Firm is made for the affected and injured people that help them to get the award against their damage done by the medically associated person. The Jacksonville medical malpractice Attorney made an easy way and helps you to get the reward as soon as possible. This reward can help you for the further treatment of the affected organ or other body parts.

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