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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle?

The most common types of personal injury cases that we handle are vehicle accidents, which can involve any combination of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We also handle cases involving slip and falls, premises liability, or any other type of negligence. All in all, I’ve handled everything from dog bites to major semi-truck wrecks and everything in between.

What Components Determine The Viability Of A Personal Injury Case?

There are two major components that determine the viability of any personal injury claim. The first is liability. In other words, do we have person or entity that is liable, or responsible, for my client’s injury? We want to make sure that there is a liable party who did something- either an act or an omission – that amounts to negligence. The second component is having a liable party who is actually able to pay personally or through their insurance for the injuries they have caused. Unfortunately, there are occasions, when a party may be negligent or liable for the damages they caused, but are ultimately unable to pay for that negligence because of a lack of resources or insurance.

How Important Are Evidence And Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases?

Evidence and witnesses are vital in any personal injury case. We advise our clients to contact an attorney as quickly as possible so that we can begin the process of gathering the evidence. In some cases, we may need to identify and preserve video footage from security cameras that were nearby the location of the incident. Since a lot of those records are purged within a fairly short period of time, time is of the essence when it comes to evidence preservation. By waiting, you run the risk of completely losing evidence which could have made all the difference in your case.

The same risk applies to the acquisition of witnesses. As time passes, memory fades. That is why it is important to record every witness’ perception of the event as soon as possible. These accounts will be valuable both as evidence and as a tool to refresh the witness’ memory at a later date. So, it is vitally important for someone who is injured to immediately contact a reputable law firm in order to begin preserving valuable information.

Can Someone Even Afford An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that it’s going to cost a lot of money to speak with an attorney. Our law firm is willing to take most personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay attorney’s fees if we are able to get a recovery for you. Only if we are able to get financial compensation for a client, will the client owe attorney’s fees. However, if there is no settlement, then there are no attorney fees. Our firm will take cases on a contingency basis, thereby allowing our clients an opportunity to pursue their case without having a great deal of attorney fees or expenses.

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